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Welcome to Mark Kelly Photography.

I made my first image with the Kodak Instamatic 110 camera I received for my eighth birthday. I used point and shoot cameras for years until I could finally afford an SLR. I was living in Switzerland in the early 1990s when I picked up a Canon EOS 1000. That’s when I discovered what could really be done with film. Over the years I have upgraded and expanded the creation and exhibiting of my images. The passion that began when I was eight has led me to travel far and wide.

I travelled to the Yukon for a canoe trip in 1997 and knew I would return. In the summer of 1999, I returned and made my home here. I continue to travel by air, land and water to capture unique images of the wilderness, people and cultures. My work allows me to fill my insatiable need for travel and new experiences, and for this I am grateful.

I split my time between creating compelling images the people and places of our world, and my counselling practice where I use photography in the therapeutic process. I base my life in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Please visit my contact page to get in touch.